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Diablo is our range of Spanish inspired Gins that begin their life in the vineyard. Our labels feature “Mr Diablo” who is our mythical harvester of botanicals and sources only the best ingredients. Our small batch gins are available in both 500ml and 700 ml sizes. If you can’t find the Gin you want then please contact us.

Tres Limone Gin

A lemon forward Gin is a great flavour combination for the warmer months. To boost the citrus profile we added three lemon components with the other botanicals in the boil. Firstly, Swan Valley fresh lemons cut and peeled, next some of the same lemons marinated in Gin for four weeks and lastly, Australian lemon myrtle. The other botanicals were toned down to let the lemon shine. For the first time we added some Wormwood to the botanical mix to add some extra complexity.


Straight away in the glass there is a lot of lemon notes and the citrus flavours then run through the palate from start to finish. In the background the juniper still shines with a little bitterness from the Wormwood.

A very refreshing drink with Capi’s dry tonic, some thyme and lemon zest. Over Ice in a tall glass on a warm summer’s day.

$60.00 / bottle / 500ml
/ bottle
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