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Diablo is our range of Spanish inspired Gins that begin their life in the vineyard. Our labels feature “Mr Diablo” who is our mythical harvester of botanicals and sources only the best ingredients. Our small batch gins are available in both 500ml and 700 ml sizes. If you can’t find the Gin you want then please contact us.

Christmas Pudding Gin

A large gourmet Christmas pudding was broken up into small pieces and soaked in neutral grape spirit for 48 hrs with glace fruit, cranberries, almonds and spices. The other ingredients include juniper, cinnamon and coriander which were soaked separately and then combined in the pot for distillation. A separate blend of oranges and molasses produce deep citrus flavours. Post distillation, the team have added their Pandemonium Estate Liqueur Muscat, Brandy and Swan Valley bee pollen. The result is a symphony of warm, spicy flavours and the Brandy gives the Gin some extraordinary complexity. 


This is Christmas in a bottle with some wonderful spice aromas and reminds me of my Grandmother’s Christmas pudding - she loved to add lots of brandy to her pudding. Great flavours of fruit and spice with a long, lingering and warm palate.

Best served with a sprig of Christmas tree and a slice of blood orange, a slightly sweet tonic will make this a fabulous drink to celebrate the Festive Season.

$75.00 / bottle / 500ml
/ bottle
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