Make with us

Gin construction

The Ultimate Gin E.xperience spend three hours creating your own 500ml bottle of gin in this unique hands-on masterclass.

Before we start our distillers will show you our Artisan, copper custom-made stills and our micro-distillery. Enjoy a gin & tonic while we immerse you in magical world of botanicals so you can choose your flavours.

Next you will be introduced to the Portuguese Alhembic stills to start your gin-making. While your gin is being created you can indulge in a gin-infused lunch (included in the price).

After your gin is finished you can bottle and label with your own bespoke label. Finish the day with your very own G&T made from your gin and with plenty left to show your friends.

$160 per person including lunch, two G&T’s, a 500ml bottle of gin
and discount on tasting and sales of selected items.
Plus exclusive free Membership of our Gin-Credible Club.

The process

  • Select botanicals & ingredients

    Pick your favourite botanicals from our wide range of Swan Valley fruits and premium international ingredients. Soak up the sensory experience of citrus, spice, herbs and juniper. Cut, slice, crush and weigh your ingredients.

  • Distilling

    Our hand-made Portugese copper stills use traditional methods to create an authentic Spirit over 2-3 hours. You will be shown how to choose the best part of the spirit - the very essence of distillation. Finally you will add Darling Range spring water to finish your masterpiece.

  • Package & Enjoy

    Our team will help you bottle and label your gin. Then you can make your own G&T decorated with the garnish of your choice while strolling around our vineyard. Feel free to stay as long as you like and enjoy our fabulous views.

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