The Swan Valley Distilling Company produces a premium range of hand-crafted Mediterranean style spirits under the label Duende.

Duende in Spanish culture is the special state of Flamenco grace - an intangible emotion than cannot be touched but felt by the audience.

Grappa made with Pandemonium Estate grape muscat grape skins and vapour infused with Kaffir lime - the perfect after dinner Digestive.

Vodka is our hand-crafted, triple distilled spirit infused with grape skins from our fortified wine production. We have three varieties - Pedro Ximenez Vodka, Blood Orange Vodka and Turkish Delight Vodka.

Limoncello is a traditional favourite made from Swan Valley lemons and grape spirit.
Vermouth is our own special blend of Pandemonium Estate white wine, fortified Chenin Blanc, Mediterranean herbs & spices including Wormwood and finally grape spirit. Barrel aged to give extra complexity.

Our Negroni is made with Pandemonium Estate wine based Vermouth, grape spirit and aromatic bitters.

Corretto is own Italian inspired coffee liqueur using cold drip coffee from Blacklist Coffee Roasters and Muscat grape spirit.
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