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Diablo is our range of Spanish inspired Gins that begin their life in the vineyard. Our labels feature “Mr Diablo” who is our mythical harvester of botanicals and sources only the best ingredients. Our small batch gins are available in both 500ml and 700 ml sizes. If you can’t find the Gin you want then please contact us.

Salt Bush Australian Gin

We set out to make a gin with Australian flavours and decided to make West Australian saltbush the hero. Instead of using traditional citrus for a backbone we use Lemon myrtle and Aniseed myrtle combined with fresh Quandongs (Native plums). Our spice element is Tasmanian pepper berries gently crushed and added to the boiler. After distillation we add fresh salt bush and Sandalwood to give complexity. Juniper is increased slightly with coriander to make sure there is no doubt this is really a gin.


Vibrant green with interesting aromas of Quandong fruit and long spice flavours of pepper and juniper. The balance with the salt bush is amazing and multiple flavours leap out of the glass.

Garnished with a sliver of orange peel and a light tonic over ice. The Australian bush in a glass.



Gold Medal at the 2019 Australian Gin Awards

$60.00 / bottle / 500ml
/ bottle
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